Sunday School

We believe that God places the responsibility for the biblical education of children on their parents. It is our joy and privilege as a church family, however, to support them in that endeavor. For the brief time that any children are under our roof each week they receive systematic and age-related Bible teaching from faithful and loving teachers who have the spiritual welfare of the children at heart.

Sunday school is held from 10:55 am to 12 noon. Currently there are six Sunday school classes, catering to children
age 3 through 12th grade. Our average total weekly attendance is 38. Most of the classes are currently following the Answers in Genesis chronological Bible curriculum.

Although the structure of each class differs depending on the class, all the children enjoy some combination of singing, teaching, and handcrafts or games.

For further information about our Sunday school program, contact JJ (563.590.4731) or Janielle Routley (563.580.2550)